Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nothing Is What It Seems

Nothing Is What It Seems
Photography Installation, 2011
72x36 in.

Over the last few years I have been exposed to more and more family secrets. People who I thought the world of, had not been who I thought they were. People who could do no wrong in my eyes turned out to be villains in my book. Some lied, cheated, and many changed. As people around me removed their sugarcoated masks, the walls of my youth started to slowly crumble.

I wanted to create a roughly textured wall with perfectly matted photographs. The idea is that when standing several feet away from the piece all you can see are photographs on a wall, simple enough. As they continue to observe it they begin to notice that the prominent facial features have been cut out and through as they approach the piece and look into the holes, there's a video of two girls running around a field in a loop without a care in the world.

Medium: Photograph on Wooden Frame

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