Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi Bloggesphere

So this is my very first post... ever. I've never dabbed into the world of blogging but I thought, since I'm not doing all that much with my life at the moment, why the hell not waste time on the internet a bit more?
My name is Gabrielle Muñoz. I go by Gaby. Quicker and easier. I'm an art student but I have no idea what art I want to do "when I grow up". I've done everything from painting to fashion design to photography and even some amateur sculpting. I love doing it all. Mostly because my mind is so messy and scattered that I can not for the life of me concentrate on merely one.
For this blog thing I've got goin' on, I've decided that I'll show people what I make in terms of art and what I'm all about. You can chose to love it, hate it, or have no opinion whatsoever, that's up to you. Plus, I hardly doubt a lot of people will actually read this. Let's be honest, my sister will probably be the only one to log onto this once in a while. Hey Devin! (Yeah, I just did a lame shout out. I'm odd like that.)
I think I'm doing this for my own sake. So I can have a place I can rant on about my new ideas and express my wackiness outside the confines of my friends and family. I'll probably just post photos and then some more photos of whatever it is I'm working on and share what it is I'm doing (not that anyone really cares-but still!)
If anyone outside my group of friends or family does read this... well I hope you like it or at least don't diss.

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