Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back Again.

I haven't written since late November and today out of the clear blue sky I had this sudden urge to blog. Blog about something. Anything. Should I write about my recent endeavors? My recent travels? My late outings? Hmm...Over the last couple of months I've travelled a bit, lived, loved, and what not. Nothing really big that kept me away from actually writing or posting but just enough to keep me from doing anything that's actually useful in my life. 

In November as my mind got completely clogged up and clouded I took a much needed trip with my mom out to the Philippines. We went to a rehabilitation/ meditation center called The Farm. This place isn't what it sounds like. There are no livestock running wild around the place or anything that actually relates to a Western Farm. This is a remote center outside the city of Manila, where you go to get away from it all. The hectic pace of the city or the noise thats being emitted by all of those around you. 

 This place quickly became some sort of Utopia for me. The place included multiple meditation sanctuaries (even it's own ampi- theatre), resting areas, a medical center, a spa, a small souvenir shop, and the oh so lovely 100% vegan restaurant ALIVE! (that's its actual name). My mom and I signed up for the detox package which included fasting for 4 days as you indulge in a juice diet. Everyday the staff would bring us our required juice.

Our schedule went a little bit like this:
7am- Watermelon Juice
9am- Green Juice
12pm- Red Juice 
2pm- Lemonade 
6pm- Green Juice
9pm- Soup Puré (highlight of our day!)
10pm- Vinagre Shot + Fiber Drink (I had this on the first night and never again. Ever.)

 We did this for a good four days and then on our last two days we enjoyed the delicious food that was provided at the ALIVE restaurant. I don't know how but they make any Vegan food that should in fact taste like feet, taste like a little slice of heaven.

 Due to all of our down time I got a chance to read all of John Green's novels, including Looking For Alaska, Paper Town, The Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson Will Grayson, and The Fault in Our Stars (my favorite). I also read the final of the lovey dovey trilogy by Jenny Han, We'll Always Have Summer.

Overall this was the best experience. I got a chance to relax, bond with my mom, and most importantly make a huge life decision. I'm finally moving on from the trauma and going back to university but this time not where I was in Fall 2012. 

Before going on the trip I was contemplating where I should go and whether I would stay still in SAIC or start fresh. I was having a horrendously hard time deciding what to do but during my stay at the Farm, my mom told me to leave my problems behind and focus on getting better and "recuperating" and that at the right time God would send me some sort of sign as to what I should do with my life. And He did exactly that. Prior to my visit I was considering transferring to Parsons but was having many doubts and long behold I got my sign. Loud and clear. Actually. 

During our 7 day vacation I met a man named David. Throughout our stay we would chat when we would bump into one another and gush about the fabulous treatments we were getting and the horrific juice diet we were all on. On our last day I talked to Mr. David about his career. He vaguely told me he worked in the fashion industry and was living in Manhattan. When I told him about my possible plans to move there and go to Parsons his face lit up as he began to sell me his school, Parsons the New School. 

We talked for a long while and I came to a solid conclusion that he was my sign. The Universe and God wanted to me meet him and ask him all the important questions I was having about NYC and the university. So there we all have it. I'm moving the New York City at the end of this summer. Ahhh exciting stuff. Hopefully everything goes ok!

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